Winter tips for your Garden

Tips for your garden

Now the cold of the winter is coming on strong, all ideas of going outside to enjoy your garden are probably getting less and less. Full blown landscaping ideas are probably a distant memory, but a little time spent now will make your garden easier to manage next year, and will help the garden to look good all through the winter.

The work that you do now, will mean that you will not have to do almost any work when the weather is really cold.

Lawn Maintenance

Keep your grass clear. Remove all of the kids toys and put them in their playhouse. It is also a good idea to move the slides and swings if you can. In November, its a little late to start growing grass, if you have any bare areas, wait until March to add seed.

Weeds Maintenace

The weeks are probably not growing much at the moment, so this is a good idea to remove them from the borders while they are small. It means that they will not come back strong next year.

Leaves and Moss

Now that most of the leaves have fallen, its a good idea to remove them from your lawn. You can leave them in your borders if you don’t mind the clutter, but at this point most people will put them in the compost heap.

New Landscaping Projects

Most people have garden makeovers in the summer months, but there are benefits to having work done in the winter. Companies will not be as busy in the winter, so it will be much easier to find someone to do the work. Its also time to get a bargain, if the gardener isn’t as busy they will be more receptive to haggling.

Paving Ideas

Removing weeds from between your paving is a good idea. This will ensure that your paving will look good for the rest of the year.

So if you want a good looking garden next year, now is a good time to spend just a few hours of your time.