LED garden lights

How Outdoor LED Lighting Can Transform your Garden

LED lighting can add a completely new dimension to a room and their colour choice (amongst many energy saving qualities) is one of the reasons why so many people are having them installed into their home. But what about an outdoor space? Can this also be transformed by the power of LED’s? As we approach the spring/summer period and people start using their gardens again as a space of relaxation or even as a space of entertainment, the demand for lighting for outdoor areas increases. Whether you have spent time and money totally transforming your garden and want the right lighting to show it off, or need your garden to look a little more impressive for the summer months, with the right LED lighting you can create a totally new space, whilst using a low-energy, cost-effective solution at the same time.

You don’t need to have a gigantic space to really make something of it when it comes to your garden. There is decoration and decking to suit all spaces big or small, and the case is the same when it comes to lighting. The beauty of LED is that it offers so many different colour options, and choosing a bulb to suit your space is paramount. For example, if you have a small garden but want to entertain guests without it feeling claustrophobic, you can opt for a cool, white light that will allow the garden to feel bright and airy. Another thing you don’t want in a small space, is an intrusive light fixture that will take up even more space. There are some great LED choices that will add dimension to your garden without being intrusive at all. If you have decking in your garden, why not go for an LED decking light? Most of these are recessed so will slot right into the decking and will not rise from the surface. These subtle fixtures will not take up any extra room but will really change the way that your garden appears. Spotlights can also be great mood enhancers if you have designed your garden specifically for relaxation purposes.

If you have a bigger space that you need to brighten, you might want to go for something that is a little more decorative. There are some great LED light designs to choose from, and all are great for contemporary garden designs. garden wall lights and lanterns are a handy addition both to the driveway and back garden as they operate by a sensor and so will only be on when you walk in front of them. This not only saves a great amount of energy but can also act as security for your home as they will light up a dark driveway or patio whenever someone walks through it. If you want the lighting to be focussed, spotlight style, on the floor of your garden, bringing character and as well as warmth and brightness then you can look at LED garden spike lights. Possibly the easiest installation, the spikes will stick safely into your grass or stones. Another great thing about using LED lights is that they are totally safe and withstand the horrible windy and rainy British weather! You can relax knowing that you have reliable outdoor lighting – no matter what the weather brings.

If you love to celebrate all things Christmas and get into the spirit by lighting up the outside of your home in all sorts of different colours – LED lights are also great for doing this as constantly lit incandescent bulbs can not only be costly but will also burn out pretty quickly! Whatever the purpose for your outdoor lighting – LED lights are always a cost-effective low energy solution, and with their different designs, styles and colours, the possibilities really are endless!